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Linear Integrated System, Inc (Linear Systems)

Linear Integrated System, Inc (Linear Systems)

4042 Clipper Court,
Fremont, California, 94538-6540, US
tel: 1-510-490-9160
fax: 1-510-353-0261

    Founded in 1987, Linear Integrated Systems is U.S. based, full service manufacturer of specialty linear semiconductors.

    The company's small-signal discrete product lines are specifically designed to service the new design and second source requirements of customers in the audio, hybrid, medical, space, test, and measurement markets.

    Products from Linear Integrated Systems include pin-for-pin replacement devices for current and discontinued products from for Calogic, Interfet, Intersil, Micro Power Systems, Motorola, National, Fairchild, and Vishay Siliconix.

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