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5700 Tennyson Parkway Suite
580 Plano,
TX 75024, US
tel: 1-972-312-8818
fax: 1-972-312-0330

    Rohm Co., Ltd., is a market-driven, completely independent semiconductor company specializing in semiconductor components such as ICs,transistors, diodes, LEDs, laser diodes, LCDs, printheads, resistors, and capacitors. The company was started in the 1950s, supplyingspecialized small resistors for radios.

    Rohm's strength is its commitment to automation and its flexible mass production technology that allowsthe company to respond flexibly to meet customer needs, allowing product variations. In this vein, 70% of Rohm's IC sales are customproducts, with continuing increases in the percentage of customization requirements in LCDs, LEDs, and hybrid ICs.

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