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Sony Semiconductor

Sony Semiconductor

3300 Zanker Road,
MS: SJ-3C4, San Jose,
CA95134-1901, US
tel: 1-408-955-6572
fax: 1-408-955-6022

    Products from the Semiconductor include ultra-high speed Static Random Access Memory (SRAM) as well as a diverse selection of products targeted to the audio, video and communication markets. These include data communications, TV and audio ICs; digital filters; CCD sensors; serial/optical communication ICs; GPS and cellular/PCS ICs; multimedia ICs and modules. Discrete components include laser diodes, variable capacitance diodes and GaAs FET devices.

    The company's broad range of communication ICs includes devices for fiberoptic and radio communications applications, infrared receiver ICs and devices for wireless communication; monolithic microwave ICs used in cellular telephones; and GaAs HEMTs and FETs used in RF and microwave communications.

    Many of the applications for Sony's diverse product line are in computers, peripherals and communication products. The product line is based on four types of semiconductor technology -- CMOS, BiCMOS, Bipolar and gallium arsenide.

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