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Texas Instruments

Texas Instruments

Post Office Box 655303
Dallas, Texas 75265

    Texas Instruments provides innovative solutions in more than 15,000 products in the computer, communications, consumer, automotive, military and industrial markets.

    TI offers a unique breadth of digital and mixed-signal products and technologies, hardware and software development tools, design information services and global support. Many of today's emerging markets-such as multimedia computers, digital cellular telephones, and hard-disk drives-rely on digital signal processing solutions from TI.

    TI offers the industry-leading TMS320 DSP family as well as optimized mixed-signal interface solutions. Designed for high-speed, data-intensive applications, DSPs provide the real-time processing power today's systems demand, from low-cost fixed-point units to a 2 billion operations per second (2 BOPS) multiprocessor.

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